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Dow & Associates - History

We are a small sole proprietorship consulting firm that focuses on transportation planning in northwestern California. The owner, Phillip J. Dow, has 25 years of experience working with regional transportation planning agencies in California. This experience has accumulated first as a public employee, then through two phases of working as a consultant. A brief history:


Mendocino County Department of Public Works (DPW)

Mr. Dow was hired by Mendocino County in July, 1981 to fill the vacancy of Transportation Planner within the Public Works Department. At that time, the DPW retained the responsibility of staffing the planning function of the regional transportation planning agency, Mendocino Council of Governments. The County Administrator’s Office assigned a staff person to perform administrative functions. Mr. Dow also performed traffic engineering duties for Mendocino County and was promoted in 1983 to Traffic Engineer, but retained transportation planning responsibilities.

Phillip J. Dow, P.E., Traffic Engineering/Transportation Planning

In 1986 Mr. Dow submitted a proposal to provide transportation planning services to the Lake County/City Area Planning Council (APC). A contract was awarded in September 1986 and Mr. Dow began full-time consulting. The APC contract has continued with annual renewals through June 2006. In 1987, Mr. Dow subcontracted with the Mendocino County Department of Public Works to perform the duties of the Transportation Planner for MCOG. That relationship continued for two years, after which MCOG began contracting directly with Mr. Dow. During this period Mr. Dow also performed limited traffic engineering work with private sector clients. It was also during this phase that the first employee, Loretta Ellard, was added.

Dow & Associates, Transportation Planning/Traffic Engineering

In 1999 Mr. Dow responded to a Request for Proposals from the Mendocino Council of Governments to provide comprehensive (Administration & Planning) services for the agency. A contract was awarded effective July 1999, and four additional professional and clerical staff were hired, starting with Janet Orth, who had worked for the previous MCOG administration. Since 1999, Mr. Dow has functioned as the Executive Director of MCOG while continuing transportation planning functions for the APC. Dow & Associates no longer accepts private sector clients, devoting all available time to the two transportation planning agency clients.